For safe and efficient lifting operations there are 3 critical elements to be considered, and we can support clients in the development of a robust safe system of work in this respect:

  1. Organizations need to have policies and procedures to ensure that their lifting operations are properly managed and planned. This involves internal policies and procedures to set out the company’s general and specific approach to lifting operations whether they use their own cranes or hire cranes from a contract. Additionally, an often overlooked is the need for a competent person to develop Lift Plans which may be generic or lift-specific depending on the nature of the lifting operation.
  2. This critical function requires special attention to ensure that competent personnel is implementing company standards and plans through the hands-on overseeing of all the elements which combine to form a lifting operation.
  3. All members of the lifting team must be competent to perform their roles. This means that they have been appropriately trained and assessed as Crane Operators, Slinger Banksman or Load Handlers.

Our training is developed and delivered in accordance with UK Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and the relevant Parts of British Standard BS7121. We also use the relevant parts of international standard BS EN 15513:2000

Orange mobile crane. Three-dimensional illustration. 3d rendering


Training available for Mobile Cranes, Crawler Crane, Offshore Pedestal Cranes, Overhead Crane, Crane Truck, Ships Cranes, Tower Cranes



Training available for personnel whose duties involve attaching and detaching slings and accessories to a load (‘Slinger’, sometimes referred to as ‘Rigger’), and also the direction of crane movements (‘Banksman’, sometimes referred to as ‘Banksman’).

Operator In Safety Helmet and red square shirt receiving instruction for Straight Boom Lift


This course equips successful participants with the skills and knowledge to develop a comprehensive Lift Plan including Rigging Study, crane selection, Risk Assessment, Method Statement, and site plans.

Workers holding redio communication and wearing green helmet while work on the high crane in construction site, copy space, safety concept


This course equips personnel with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to organise a Lifting Team and their equipment to perform lifting operations in accordance with a pre-prepared Lift Plan